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Polystyrene Lightweight Facade Contractor



Architectural Lightweight Coping

Available in a variety of architectural building materials for commercial, residential and industrial building accordance to the area of application and requirement of the designer with lightweight foamed concrete and combination of foamed concrete with polystyrene chips. Available in ready & customize stocks.

Architectural Lightweight Concrete Moulding

HDE Mouldings will stayed connect with your professional team of leaders, architects, designers for a perfection solution.

Lightweight Facade

Advantageous cost development with a progressive increase in labour costs relative to the cost of materials. Its slenderness, which allows the dimensions of the supporting structure of a building to be reduced, whilst increasing the usable surface area of its interior.

Celuka Lattice Composite (CLC)

Good flexural strength make these sheets the ideal material for hugely diverse range of indoor and outdoor applications. The sheets boast low thermal conductivity and therefore offer good thermal and sound insulation.

Our Projects

Bagan Datoh

Imperio Residence

Templer Park

Masjid Kubu Gajah

Facade Treatment

Our facade panels are made to withstand the most demanding weather and environmental abuse. This will enable you to decorate a contemporary or architecturally inspired building in a variety of themes such as Federation, Traditional, Gothic, Georgian, neo-Classical or Modern. Furthermore, our coatings are of the highest standard and you can expect a finished product that is both elegant and professional.


HDE Mouldings is a leader in the design and manufacture of creative Architectural Mouldings. We manufacture a range of new and innovative construction materials that significantly reduce build time improved and reduce handling and storage costs. To improve the way builders do things thus simplifying the entire process. This innovative product is a modern-day solution.

Specifying HDE Mouldings means achieving better workmanship together with higher productivity and efficiency which only translate into cost savings. Gone are the days of heavy concrete moldings that crack and require many workers for installation. Recent advancements to building design styles and construction methods have to lead to the introduction of lightweight external moldings. Using the latest technology, HDE Mouldings are able to give you any shape, size, and design of your choice that are easily installed using adhesive. HDE Mouldings are lightweight and can help create the look of just about any architectural style or help in the restoration and conservation of historic buildings.

Specialist in Architectural Lightweight Moulding/Coping, Facade Lightweight Fin Panels, Lightweight Concrete Mouldings, and Celuka Lattice Composite (CLC).


HDE Mouldings (M) Sdn Bhd (IP0276068-V)

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No: 0120170425-SL187544


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